What Are the Rules Regarding Pool Fencing on the Sunny Coast?

Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast Rules

When installing a swimming pool on your Sunshine Coast property, properly enclosing it with code-compliant pool fencing Sunshine Coast is not just crucial for safety and security; it is mandated by Queensland law. The Sunshine Coast’s year-round swimming weather means backyard pools are extremely popular enhancements to local homes.

However, you must meet some standards to minimise risk to all residents, visitors, and curious children. The state’s pool barrier laws are designed according to research on

Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast

What Are the Rules Regarding Pool Fencing on the Sunny Coast?


Fence Height

All outdoor swimming pools must be surrounded by at least 1.2 metres high fencing that meets specified safety standards. This includes indoor pools that can be accessed from outside the house. This regulation makes it impossible for a child to climb your pool fence.


Pool Area Regulations

Pool fencing Sunshine Coast must fully enclose the pool area with no climbable objects alongside that could help bypass the barrier. Gates must swing outward from the pool space and self-close and self-latch shut. A self-closing gate ensures that the gate is never left open and unattended.


Vertical Fence Slats Gaps

Vertical fence slats must have gaps less than 100mm apart. Any horizontal rails or bracing should be at least 900mm apart to stop children from using them to climb over.


Boundary Fences

Boundary fences forming part of the pool enclosure must be at least 1.8 metres high on the poolside, with a 900mm non-climbable zone at the top inside the yard.


Mesh Holes Size

Mesh-style fences must have holes no bigger than 13mm and be made of solid material that does not sag or stretch over time.


Pool Gates

Pool gates must open outwards away from the pool and be clear of any obstructions that could hold them open. Self-closing devices should be functional at all times.

What's Your Responsibility as a Pool Owner or Tenant?


As a pool owner, you own the land and the pool itself. You are responsible for ensuring that your pool fence complies with Queensland laws regarding pool fencing. This will ensure your property is legally covered and safe for your tenants and their children.


As a tenant renting a property with a pool, you must always ensure your pool gate remains closed. You must also inspect the pool area thoroughly and remove any objects near the fence. These objects must be removed because children might climb over them and access the pool.

Also, always rent a property compliant with Queensland’s pool fencing laws on the Sunshine Coast. By doing so, you are keeping your children safe throughout your stay.

What About Maintenance?

Suppose a section of your existing pool barrier sustains minor damage, such as broken palings, hinges or latches. In that case, repairs can be carried out to match the original standard of the wall. However, if you are selling or leasing the property with the pool, the wall must be upgraded to comply with current safety standards.

Approval is optional when installing a new replacement pool barrier if the fence has a height no greater than 2 metres above ground level and satisfies the pool safety standards. However, some location restrictions apply if the barrier exceeds 2 metres in height. No part can be positioned within 1.5 metres of a boundary line, and height should not exceed 2 metres above a retaining wall.

Suppose your current pool barrier is non-compliant, and you must replace it. In that case, you must first obtain a nonconformity notice from a licensed pool safety inspector before commencing installation of the new barrier. The same inspector must inspect the new barrier within three months of the start of the replacement work.

Always contact your local council or a certified pool safety inspector before undertaking any repairs or installation of a new barrier to guarantee the work will comply with the latest applicable safety laws and regulations for pool barriers and fencing.

Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast
Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast

Dividing Fences Serving as Pool Barriers

In some cases, there are dividing fences between neighbours that serve as pool barriers. In such cases, both neighbours are responsible for ensuring these barriers are well maintained per pool fencing Sunshine Coast regulations.

Adhere To Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast Regulations For Maximum Safety

As a Sunshine Coast pool fencing provider, we specialise in installing and maintaining code-compliant barriers adhering to Queensland’s strict safety regulations – critical for local pool owners, given the popularity of backyard pools.

We’re experts in the detailed compliance rules around proper fence heights and self-closing gates to fully enclose pools, permissible boundary fence specifications, mesh hole size limits, maintenance procedures, and height limits for replacements.

Contact us today for seamless pool safety barrier upgrades.

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